I have always been in love with trees as long as I remember. My favourite childhood memory is this small Gulmohar tree in our backyard. I used to sit on a branch while my mother made dose. My father acted as the server and supplied them to the branch.

The only grouse I have with my family is, they sold off whatever tiny land they had even before I was born. So when I came back from US the first thing I set out to do is to get a tiny piece of land that I can plant trees to…

Tenets of Astrology

One of my friends had commented that I am like this busy, uber curious kid who keeps on lifting bricks of a structure to see what is underneath it. That is an accurate description and I revel in understanding the macro/meta systems that are around us. (My long term plan is to take over the universe once I understand all the systems:-)).

pic credit: Manjula Sridhar

Astrology (in spite of all my skepticism and disdain) has been one of my interests. It has constantly figured in my thoughts on will v/s destiny. …

All about perspectives (pc : Manjula Sridhar(me))

I decided to come back to India a while ago so I can be with my parents as they age. I happily came back without any pressure and was looking forward to starting new adventures in India. I did lots of things with varied successes and failures and was happy and at peace in general with the outcomes.

However, after ten years of this, I suddenly went through a huge regret cycle (maybe due to burnout (or spiritual awakening :-) ?). A couple of things that bothered me constantly are/were

  1. Asymmetry of reward/effort cycles. Some people are so lucky and…

Long-distance cycling(brevet, randonneuring, and other tours) has given me bucket loads of unique memories that not many can boast of. Its a Morpher and brings out hidden humanity that one not often encounters. I have had long chats with men and women from various backgrounds (a fruit merchant, a gardener, random jobless men, teashop owners, housewives) on remote roads of India. For some reason, this act of cycling seems to bring out repressed wanderlust of human beings and make them think fondly of their childhood. The fact that I am a woman adds their wonder I think.

However, one interesting…

When I met an Aghori !

I have always had a fascination for mysticism, in spite or maybe because of my keen interest in science.

Aghori is a sect in the left path (Tantra) of Hinduism. From wiki “The Aghori are a small group of ascetic Shaiva sadhus. They engage in post-mortem rituals. They often dwell in charnel grounds, smear cremation ashes on their bodies and use bones from human corpses for crafting kapalas and jewelry. Their practices are contradictory to orthodox Hinduism.” The last statement stems from ignorance of Hinduism, as there isn’t a fixed path.

The fear of…

“Umunhum” the word at the first glance looks like the gibberish as a result of a kid playing with the keyboard. But it is a “Native American” word and has a very evocative meaning. It means a “place hummingbirds rest”. I couldn't have come across this at a more appropriate point in my life.

(Credits : Alan Vernon from Wiki Commons , Hummingbird has incredible high heart rate. Average heart rate during the flight is 1200 beats per minute. When resting, heart rate reaches 250 beats per minute. Each night hummingbirds enter a hibernation-like state called torpor which helps them preserve the energy.- quote from softchools)

I was burnt out, joyless and feeling lost with few doctors even terming it “adrenalin fatigue”. It was strange for me to hear that term, the restless soul that I am, I get fatigued with pure leisure . After some introspection, I realised that it wasn’t…

So this really happened (ing).

Last year(2017), I started finding coins on my cycle rides very frequently; almost every ride on an average. It became quite amusing and perplexing. Treasure hunt romantic that I am, I started tracking them like this.

As the number of coins grew it became tedious to do this and moved to more pragmatic excel sheet below.

I shared these findings on Facebook along with many “tongue in cheek” theories about them. Soon mine and crowdsourced theories started floating around.

  1. Coded messages coming to me from my future self. (Interstellaresque)
  2. Universe rewarding me for each ride…

It was few years ago on a random leisure ride, Pramod Bharadwaj told me about the existence of Nine Durgas around Bangalore. We instantly hatched a plan to do rides to all of them and Yogesh Rao too eagerly chipped in. We rode to three of them, but gods of work willed otherwise so work commitments took over and the plan was soon forgotten. Fast forward to few months ago (August 2015) when I decided to revive it as a means recuperate from beta launch of my startup.With …

Woke up little late (around 7) this Sunday and remembered the vague plan we had about cycling to “Dodda Alada Mara”(big banyan tree). It was already feeling hot and humid, but wanting not to waste a Sunday called my usual co-conspirators and fortunately, two of them (N and K) had also woken up late. N was still ready to go to big banyan but K had different plans. He is a bit religious and had plans of visiting a Guruji who was visiting a yellamma temple in Attibele. Guruji is hosted by one of the landowners of that area. …

I wrote a pre-review of the concept of PK (before watching the movie). Check this at https://manjulasridhar.wordpress.com/2014/12/26/pk-a-case-of-pot-calling-kettle-black-and-why-i-detest-this-genre/.

I was eager to see this though, this made 600 crores and one of the highest grossing movie ever. Many people told me it is quite humorous and entertaining. So as I was browsing TV last night and saw PK airing at 9 PM sat down with some good food. I also made a mental note of keeping my biases (confirmation bias specifically) aside and enjoy this.

Boy ! how disappointed I was. It was thoroughly jarring on my senses and manipulative to…


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